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What is a Boolean Girl?

A Boolean Girl has a passion for expressing her creativity in the field of information technology. A Boolean Girl is confident in her ability to dream up and execute solutions to technological challenges. A Boolean Girl commands the respect and admiration of those around her because she is confident in her technical knowledge and her abilities.

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What is the Boolean Girl Project?

The Boolean Girl Project endeavors to lay the foundation for girls to become Boolean Girls. The Boolean Girl Project creates multiple avenues for girls to learn technological skills in welcoming environments. These opportunities start as early as elementary school.

Starting early and getting girls on computers, tinkering and playing with technology, games and new tools, is extremely important for bridging the gender divide that exists now in computer science and in technology.

Beth Simone Noveck

Why is the Boolean Girl Project so important?

Careers in technology fields represent a tremendous opportunity for today’s youth. Demand for individuals educated in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is soaring. According to the U.S. Department of Education, between 2010 and 2020 careers in Systems Software Development will increase by 32%. Yet women are opting out of these opportunities at an alarming rate. According to National Center for Women & Information Technology in 1985 37 of computer science degrees were awarded to women. In 2012 that number was 12%.

How will the Boolean Project help?

The Boolean Girl Project intends to begin bridging the STEM education and career gap with a direct focus on empowering girls from an early age. Through a rich and varied set of age-appropriate tools, the Project seeks to inspire girls to harness their creative talents, develop logical thinking and sequencing, and gain confidence in their decision-making skills. By engaging girls during the critical cross-over years of 3rd to 8th grades, the Boolean Girl Project specifically strives to ensure girls remain interested in Information Technology, ultimately increasing the number of women pursuing technology-based careers.