Club Add-Ons

To run your club, you need more than just kids and Boolean Boxes.

We provide everything you need to run a great club

Teaching Tools

Teaching tools provide an “open and play” option for any school, community center, home-school organization, or even a neighborhood group. Our straightforward Scratch coding projects, student cards, and pre-configured and assembled Raspberry Pi kits make it easy for even nontechnical instructors to lead the programs.


  • The coach and instructor get a copy of our club curriculum.
  • Student coding cards are included for each student.
  • Teaching manipulative used in coding game including 50 teaching blocks (shown)

Learning Tools

Club equipment add-ons

The Boolean box is great for an individual girl. In a club environment, you will need some additional equipment.

The supplemental equipment pack is what we use to teach classes at our neighborhood schools. Additions like portable monitors and battery packs make the whole club easy to pack up, move and store between uses.

The Boolean Girl club includes:

  • A Boolean Box kit for each girl
  • A supplemental parts kit including extra LEDs, wires, and even spare cables (used in the electronics projects)
  • A portable monitor for each girl, and
  • A battery pack for each Boolean Box so you don’t have to run power cords all over the room

Learning Tools