Boolean Girl Camp!

Boolean Girl Camp!

Last week was Boolean Girl’s official first camp of the summer, and it was a BLAST! Girls started the week off learning about the basics of the MIT program called Scratch, which they used on their Raspberry Pi’s. In case you didn’t know, Raspberry Pi’s are tiny computers that were created in the UK to help promote computer science in schools. They are also used in Africa so that underprivileged children can have the opportunity to use computers at a very little cost; the Pi’s only cost about $35.

Dancing Cat

Luckily, here at Boolean Girl we have the opportunity to use these computers as well! Throughout the week, girls were able to work on a few projects on Scratch. Our main goal was to create a virtual world for an imaginary pet! Girls were given the tools to create “scripts”, or commands, to tell their pets what to do. The girls started by creating a dancing cat. Time was spent both on and off the computers to help teach the basic concepts of programming. In addition to creating a virtual world, they also created greeting cards, Mad Libs games, and even found some time to sneak in Minecraft! Check out their projects here: Summer Camp Projects

The Boolean Girl team is excited to begin our next camp session, starting next Monday. Can’t wait to see you there!

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