Boolean University Launched

Boolean University Launched

Three years ago, on May 31, 2014, I launched the Boolean Girl project with a lot of help. Over the last three years, I expanded the Boolean Girl team. Together, we have accomplished a lot and have stayed true to our mission:

To inspire and encourage girls, from the third grade through the eighth grade, in the field of computer science and engineering. Through early engagement in positive environments, we strive to increase the numbers of girls selecting computer science and engineering as a lifelong pursuit.


Three Things

When I think about how we strive to achieve our mission, I think of three things we do:

  1. We hold events where girls learn from live instructors. These event can be one-time events like JamTech ( or the Stem Symposium (, after school classes, or day- and week-long camps like our own summer camps (
  2. We developed a build-it-yourself computer kit, The Boolean Box, that girls can use to continue learning and experimenting at home. The Boolean Box is the result of a successful Kickstarter we launched in late 2016.
  3. We host online education in the form of comprehensive curriculum and inspiring projects on our website.

Today, we’re proud to announce the release of a much improved online educational tool, Boolean University. (

Boolean University

The Boolean U site provides:

  • A progressive learning path starting with an introductory course full of simple coding projects in Scratch. These projects are designed for girls with little or no coding experience.
  • Courses that teach electronics as well as coding skills. The Internet of things is here and we hope to equip girls with the skills to build interactive physical projects using both hardware and software.
  • Progress Tracking, like many games and learning sites girls earn badges based on progress. Badges encourage girls to set goals, encourage learning, and allow them to track their progress and communicate success.

On the Boolean Girl site, girls can earn badges to acknowledge their technology and engineering skills. Taking this one step further, badges earned on Boolean Girl are part of the Open Badges initiative so girls can share their achievements with on social networks when applying for programs, schools and colleges and even on job applications.

I invite you to join BooleanU, whether you’re an experienced coder or just starting out. We welcome your input and look forward to your feedback.

Founder Boolean Girl

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