Camp Update

Camp Update

Hey Boolean Girls! We are excited to begin our third week of camp. Our new girls are here and ready to code. It is only 10 am on Monday, and they are already on their Raspberry Pi’s working on a project called Dancing Cat. Dancing Cat is what it sounds like; girls program their Sprite, (in this case a cartoon cat), to dance! We use this simple lesson to help the girls play around on Scratch, and get ready to make their own virtual pet! In the afternoon, girls learned to program a game called Cat and Mouse- where the Cat chases the Mouse! Other variations include a cookie chasing a glass of milk, and a monkey chasing a banana.

We would like to give a very special thanks to Pastor Brian and the Christ Church of Arlington for hosting us for our past two camps. They have been more than welcoming and support our goal of introducing young girls into the world of STEM.

We have some exciting updates; Boolean Girl finally has an Instagram! Follow us @booleangirl and be sure to check out our Facebook Page at

Have a good week, we’ll keep our Facebook and Instagram updated!

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