Boolean Box Kickoff

You are invited to an event celebrating the Boolean Box! Learn how to assemble your Raspberry Pi case, set up your #BooleanBox, and start coding! We will provide monitors, instructors, and snacks. You - the adult! - are invited to stay and learn about your kit, but you may also drop your child (and a friend!) off at our event. We are sure you'll love our instructors, the content of our sessions, and all the fun things you'll learn! (We know our Boolean Box kits might be shared with boys in your lives, and that's great too! We don't exclude anyone and all are welcome to our kickoff event. Boys are invited, too!) We thank you again for your support of our Kickstarter. If you have any questions or comments, we welcome them!

Dates: 07 Jan 2017 - 07 Jan 2017
Times: 1 -4 pm
Grades: 2-10
Location: 601 Mass Ave, Suite 300, Washington DC. Entertainment Software Association