Scratch Circuits

Camp Description

Interested in controlling lights and using switches to build stuff?

Did you know you can use Scratch to interact with electrical circuits you build?

The Raspberry Pi is a special computer, it has a row of GPIO pins in the long rectangular opening in the case. GPIO stands for General-Purpose Input/Output. You use these pins to connect programs you write to the physical world so you can make lights blink or take input from sensors.  We refer to this as physical computing.

If your kids think coding is cool, it will blow their minds when the write code and control physical objects like lights and motors.  We also use motion sensors, light sensors, buttons and cameras to build alarm systems, game controllers, and other gadgets.


Grades 5-6 , 7-8

Parent notes

Drop off and pick up is in the student classroom. Room assignments will be communicated the weekend before the camp.

General Class note

Before and after care is available for most locations. Times vary.

Additional Information

Requirements: No Special Equipment needed. We provide all computers and other materials needed.


Arlington, VA , Montgomery, MD , Washington, DC