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Boolean Girl Summer Camps

Girls age 7 + learn computer science and engineering fundamentals through a series of unique projects and hands-on challenges.  Boolean Girl camps have been recognized multiple times as “Best Camps” by our campers, as well as by regional media outlets.

Our programs are fun… and that’s not just our opinion. 96% of our students say that they would recommend our coding camps to a friend and want to take another one.

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What about Covid?

Boolean Girl will host in-person camps for summer 2021.  Our camps will implement all recommended safety measures, including masks and social distancing.  If camps close camps due to COVID, we will refund your tuition. If you change your mind about in-person camps, we offer other options. To read more about our COVID response, click here.


  • In addition to coding, circuitry, and engineering, we teach broader skills such as teamwork and digital citizenship.
  • STEM professionals provide inspiration and guidance about opportunities is STEM.
  • We have fun! Our students learn to code through playing interactive, offline games, and we go outside on breaks.
  • Our curriculum is aligned with state and national standards for computer science.


Level 1: Animate My Story in Scratch

Mixing hands-on coding with interactive play, your computer scientist will build an animated story of their own design applying their creativity and newly learned programming skills. Guided by our rockstar instructors, your daughter will have a blast.   …

  • Grades: 3-4 , 5-6


Level 2: Code Your Own Adventure in Scratch

Your young developer will be challenged to create an interactive adventure where  the player makes choices, changing the outcome. They'll build their coding skills learning about conditionals, events, variables, and other advanced  coding skills.…

  • Grades: 3-4 , 5-6


Level 3: Build Games in Scratch

Young coders are challenged to create a platform game (think Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong) of their own design. Learn advanced game techniques like keeping score, adding timers, and leveling up, making sprites jump, and interact with objects.  …

  • Grades: 3-4 , 5-6


Level 4: Invent Circuits in Scratch

If your programmer thinks coding is cool, they will love how they can write code to control physical objects like lights, Lego® motors and motion sensors to create alarm systems, robots,  music players and light shows.  …

  • Grades: 5-6 , 7-8


Level 5: Intro to Python Using Minecraft

Advanced coders will learn and use Python, a top professional programming language, to control the Minecraft universe.  Teleport, change blocks, build buildings, and freeze water. Designed to transition from Scratch to Python. …

  • Grades: 5-6 , 7-8


Level 6: Python II - Project Building

If you’ve completed an Introduction to Python with Boolean Girl and are ready to apply your skills to complete some challenging projects, this is the camp for you. Python is easy to learn and is used by many companies Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo!, NASA, Faceboo…

  • Grades: 5-6 , 7-8


Why Choose Boolean Girl

Friday at Boolean Girl Camps

On Fridays we celebrate our discoveries and achievements. We bring in lunch, show off our work, and are joined by one or more Boolean Girl ambassadors. Ambassadors are women working in STEM fields. They might be programmers, but we’ve also had civil engineers, electrical engineers, and even architects join our camps for the afternoon. Ambassadors share their experience in STEM, and they might lead a short project, talk about careers in STEM, and discuss the girls’ projects with them. Learn More

Before and after Care

Before and after care options are available. View details and make your selections during registration.

More about our Programs

Our Campers Say it Best

"I liked the class! I did not know how to code half of the things I can code now! The class helped me a lot."
"My daughter Marley has attended most of the Full STEM Ahead courses (Scratch ones, she is in 3rd grade) and has really enjoyed it. She continues to build in Scratch even after the courses."
"My daughter has absolutely loved your classes!"
"The thing I love about the camps is working together. I did the electronics camp and it was cool to work with my new friends to build stuff."
"What did you love about the class? Our daughter has felt challenged and is now so engaged about learning everything about coding!!!"