Club FAQ

  1. Do you only teach girls?  At this time we limit club participation to students who self-identify as girls in grades 3-8.
  2. What do the girls pay to participate?  Students are asked to pay $150.  For children on free or reduced lunch, scholarships are available.  
  3. Do we have to do this at the school?  No, you can do this at any location including recreating centers, religious facilities, and other community facilities.
  4. What does the room need to have in order to hold a club?  Not much.  Each girl needs a chair and a desk.  Boolean Girl provides the computers (called a Boolean Box) and a battery pack for each Boolean Box, so teachers don’t have to run power cords all over the room.  A secure location is required to store the Boolean Boxes when not in use. 
  5. How do teachers receive compensation (direct deposit, paper check, etc.)? When the club starts each semester, the teacher is provided a gift card for the full amount of the stipend.
  6. Are there any benefits to teachers?  Teachers with STEM skills are in demand right now, and our training is free.  We are happy for teachers who participate in our clubs to use our materials in their classrooms.   
  7. Are the materials available in Spanish?  Our materials are not available in Spanish right now, but that is something we would like to provide in the future.  Please reach out to us if you are a Spanish-speaking teacher who would like to help translate.
  8. Can teachers post about the clubs on their social media accounts?  Our club permission forms include an “opt-out” for students/parents who don’t wish to be included in photographs, videos, social media, or other media/outreach. Students who indicate their wishes to remain anonymous may not be used in social media accounts. Students who have not opted out may be pictured in social media posts, but not identified by name, school, age, or grade.