About our clubhouses

Our approach is fun and effective, and we’ve used it to teach thousands of girls.
A club might meet after school, on the weekend at a local rec center, or at any public space.
The clubs below are open to any(and in some case boys) that would like to attend.

ClubHouse Agenda

At our clubhouse in the lab on self-paced projects with the help of our staff.The staff to student ratio is typically 1:5. In addition, students are encouraged to join booster sessions that cover special topics.

Get started coding in Scratch

For new coders this booster gives you everything you need to know to get started coding.  Play a game with Scratch Blocks, learn how to build a computer and start designing your first program.

Making Stories: Beginning, Middle, and End

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Learn special techniques to begin your story, tell it, and make an interesting end including credits.

Game Building - How to keep score

This short session covers all the skills needed to keep score, keep track of lives or add a timer to your game using variables.

Game Building: Making Sprites Move

All games need sprites that move.  Sometimes the sprite moves on its own like a pinky in PacMan. Sometimes the player controls the movement of the Sprite with the keyboard, think PacMan.  In this Booster, learn how to add movement to your games.

Build a photobooth and take selfies

Learn how to add a camera to your computer. Build your own photo booth then write code in Scratch or Python to make it take pictures or video. Recommended for girls 10+ that have been coding in Scratch for at least a year.

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