Boolean Box Micro

Open your Boolean Box Micro and get started programming.  The courses cover programming, electronics.  You can build gadgets with the circuit board,  legos and recyclable materials around your house.


Level 1

Micro Course 1 – Get Started with Boolean Box Micro

The Boolean Box Micro kit includes Lego compatible building blocks, a Bluebird programmable circuit board, and…

  • Level 1
  • Boolean Box Micro | 2 Lessons

Level 2

Micro Course 2 – Code Builder Inputs and Outputs

You can make different gadgets with the Boolean Box Micro by programming input sensors like the Accelerometer …

  • Level 2
  • Boolean Box Micro | 4 Lessons

Level 3

Micro Course 3 – Boolean Box Micro Coding Basics

Three of the fundamental coding elements are loops, conditionals, and variables.  In this lesson we review th…

  • Level 3
  • Boolean Box Micro | 4 Lessons

Level 4

Micro Course 4 – General Purpose Inputs and Outputs

Now that you understand the how Make code works try this short course on using the General Purpose Input and O…

  • Level 4
  • Boolean Box Micro | 3 Lessons

Level 5

Micro Course 5 – Lego Motor Projects 1

In this course we control Lego motors with our programmable circuit board.  Learn the basics then apply it to…

  • Level 5
  • Boolean Box Micro | 3 Lessons