Boolean Box Blue

If you have a Boolean Box that is blue, start learning to code here.


Level 1

Build Your Boolean Box Blue

To start leaning to Code, Build, Invent and Animate assemble your computer.  As you build your computer learn…

  • Level 1
  • Boolean Box Blue | 1 Lessons

Level 1

Storytelling in Scratch3

Start programming in Scratch by building a story of your own. Use Scratch blocks including loops with the Repe…

  • Level 1
  • Boolean Box Blue | 4 Lessons

Level 2

Choose Your Own Adventure in Scratch

In this course, your young Gamer will bring their coding to the next level through creating a “Choose Your O…

  • Level 2
  • Boolean Box Blue | 6 Lessons

Level 4

Get Started with Physical Computing with Scratch3

Interested in controlling lights and using switches to build stuff? Did you know you can use Scratch to intera…

  • Level 4
  • Boolean Box Blue | 4 Lessons