Celebrate and Create

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A collection of Physical Computing projects where you use your programming skills and a little bit of simple circuit knowledge to light up your craft projects, your room or a holiday decoration. Learn how to:

  • Control a string of lights
  • Add music
  • Add motion sensing – turn the lights on when someone enters the room
  • Add light sensing – turn the lights on automatically when it is dark


Celebrate with Lights

Length: 20 minutesComplexity: Easy

Use your Boolean Box to control a set of lights that you use decorate a tree, birthday cake, Thanksgiving center piece, for the 4th of July, or anything else!
You can order the light string on our site or on Amazon:

Celebrate with Sound

Length: 40 minutesComplexity: Easy

Add sound to your celebration. Learn how to add speakers to your Pi and use the Scratch Sound Blocks. This project includes all the blocks for 3 celebratory songs.

Light up the Party

Length: 40 minutesComplexity: Standard

In this project you learn how to use a light sensor to automatically turn your lights on when it gets dark.