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Course 3 – Minecraft Turtle

Course 3 – Minecraft Turtle

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What does a turtle have to do with Minecraft?  A Turtle in computing is an on screen “robot” that is controlled by the user.  Play with the Minecraft Turtle to learn about location and direction, sequencing and logical thinking, and how to use an API.  Plus you will get to download the needed modules from GitHub.

This Turtle was developed by Martin O’Hanlon,


  • Minecraft Turtle

    Complexity: Easy

    If you have an older Boolean Box you may need to download Minecraft Stuff from GitHub to play with the on screen "robot" to draw and create in Minecraft. Based on work by Martin O’Hanlon, @martinohanlon, The image used here is his Fractal Tree. Newer, many 2019 kits and all 2020 kits have this... (continue)