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Get Started with Physical Computing with Python

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Already figured out how to control lights and use switches to build stuff with Scratch?  Do you understand the basics of Python coding as taught in the course: The next step: Building a Bridge from Scratch to Python

In this course you will learn Physical Computing, connecting your programs to the physical world to make lights blink or take input from sensors, using Python.

This basic class repeats many of the projects you may have already done but focuses on Python coding.


Python – Light it Up

This project is a great way to learn or improve your Python coding skills. Write a simple Python program that turns a light on and off. You may have done a similar project in Scratch. The circuit and logic for this project will be familiar, the code will just be in Python.

Python – Use a button

Length: 40 minutesComplexity: Standard

Learn how to use a button in a circuit. A button is one of the simplest sensors used in electronics. Buttons are frequently used to get input from a person. Your phone has buttons so does your game controller.
In this project we will use a button to provide input to a Python program you write.

Python – Quick Reaction Game

Length: 65 minutesComplexity: Standard

Quick Reaction is a two player game that challenges the reaction time of each player.
Quick Reaction is a two player game that challenges the reaction time of each player. Use buttons and lights to build this two person game that will test your reaction time. Play it with your friend to see who has the quickest reaction time.

The light is programmed to randomly light up.  When the light lights, the first player to click their button wins the round and gets one point.
If a player clicks the button when the light is not lit the player loses a point.

Python – Build a Minecraft Control Panel

Length: 55 minutesComplexity: Standard

Finished the Minecraft Course? Use multiple buttons to build this game controller to play Minecraft with your own custom tools. Strengthen your Python skills; learn how to use functions; and have fun creating a custom Minecraft control panel.