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Make Games with Scratch

Make Games with Scratch

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Building games is a great way to learn to code. The gaming track includes a series of project based lessons that build you skills and are fun to play when completed. We recommend completing this course before taking on the Physical Computing Course.

Skills learned on this track:

  • Conditional Programming
  • Taking user input
  • Variables


  • Ghosts and Wizards

    Complexity: Standard

    You are a wizard and you need to catch all the ghosts. Problem is, as soon as you catch one seconds later the ghost returns.
    Learn how to:
    – Use Broadcast and Receive
    – Use the mouse to maneuver your sprite
    – Use random numbers

  • Pong 1

    Complexity: Standard

    Pong was one of the first video games ever. In this project, you get to build and play this classic game.
    Learn how to:
    – Keep Score
    – Draw and Name Sprites
    – Random Movement
    – Test Your Code

  • Mad Libs Game

    Complexity: Easy

    Mad Libs is a story game – often laugh out loud funny. In the game, you are prompted for random words, which are then included in a story.

    In this project, you will learn how to ask questions and store the answers as variables.

  • Moonlander

    Complexity: Standard

    Challenge: land the moon lander in the low gravity of the moon? Your space ship is fragile. If you touch the rocks or if you land too fast, your ship will fall apart.
    Learn how to:
    – Switch Costumes
    – Move like in space
    – Mod a game

  • Race Car

    Complexity: Standard

    Build your own Race Track and try to set a record for the best lap time.

    Learn how to:
    – Build a timer
    – Use operators
    – Adjust the speed of a sprite as conditions change