Boolean U LogoThe next step: Building a Bridge from Scratch to Python

The next step: Building a Bridge from Scratch to Python

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Ready to start learning to code in a text based language like Python?  This course will take you from Scratch to Python. You will learn to use the professional programming tool Thonny to learn how to program in one of the most in demand computer languages.  In fact IEEE ranked it as the top language for 2018.

Once you learn the basics, move on and start modifying Minecraft, build challenging puzzles, games and more.


Foundations of Python

Get started in Python with this foundational Python lesson. Python is one of the easiest professional programming languages to learn.

Loops and Conditionals

Before we dive into Minecraft, we need to get a little more practice with Python. In this lesson, you will learn about loops, conditionals and how to use modules. You will also build a guessing game to practice your new skills.