Welcome to Boolean Girl University - “Boolean U"

Boolean U is our online classroom, where you learn at your pace.

Interested in coding? Not sure where to start? Whether you’re experienced or brand-new (or somewhere in between), you can choose a learning path that’s right for you. Select a course, and Boolean U will guide you through the lessons in that course. Each lesson contains detailed instructions for completing a particular project.

Once you complete a project, click on Complete Lesson, and your achievement will be recorded. Complete all the lessons in a course to earn a badge.

Below are a list of course availabe to all students. If you are a registered student, Login and start your first course, if not you will need to register now.

Already built your computer? Here’s a reminder of how to boot up your Raspberry Pi.
  • Getting Started with Programming (Scratch)

    A collection of introductory programming projects that cover all the fundamentals of programming. Complete the lesson in this course and earn the Scratch Builder Badge.

  • Scratch Gaming

    This track includes a variety of game projects to build your Scratch skills. Earn the Scratch Coder badge by completing this course.

  • Get Started with Physical Computing

    Your Raspberry Pi has a row of GPIO pins in the long rectangular opening in the case. GPIO stands for General-Purpose Input/Output. You use these pins to connect programs you write to the physical world. We refer to this as physical computing.

  • Classic Video Games

    Go old school and recreate the classic video games of yesteryear in Scratch!
    In this course, you’ll build Frogger, Breakout, Space Wars and Pac-Man.

  • Celebrate and Create

    A collection of Physical Computing projects where you use your programming skills and a little bit of simple circuit knowledge to light up your craft projects, your room or a holiday decoration.