Take off with Boolean Box

Take off with Boolean Box introduces kids to all the things they can do with a Boolean Box.  Individual episodes teach kids how to:

  • Set up a Boolean Box
  • Start coding in Scratch
  • Build circuits and use them to invent machines controlled with code
  • Learn basic Python coding
  • Experiment with animation
  • Learn Linux command-line
  • and more

Each standalone episode introduces new Boolean Box skills. Newcomers should start with the beginner level episodes. More experienced children will be challenged by the intermediate and advanced episodes. After discovering the fun inside the Boolean Box, kids can learn more by attending live instructor-led fee-based on-line classes or elect to log-in to  Boolean University, our complimentary self-faced online classroom.

Registration and Participation

Register for the event of interest below.   Events will be repeated in the future so you can join the events that match your child's skill level and interest now.  Come back later as their skills grow!

To participate you should join the event from a windows, mac, or chromebook computer.  Have your Boolean Box up and running so you can follow along with the project. 

Don't have a Boolean Box?  Get one here!

Beginner Skill Level

Getting Started with the Boolean Box

Learn how to set up the Boolean Box and discovering what it can do
June 24, 2020 1 PM Eastern Time

Beginner Skill Level

Learn to Program with Scratch

Learn how to start coding in Scratch on your Boolean Box.  Scratch is designed for beginning coders.
July 15, 2020 1 PM Eastern Time

Intermediate Skill Level

Start coding in Python

Learn how to start coding in Python, one of the top commercial languages in the world.
July 22, 2020 1 PM Eastern Time

Beginner Skill Level

Learn how to animate

Learn how to make a simple animation in 9va and apply those principles to Scratch projects
July 29, 1 PM eastern

Advanced Skill Level

Essential Linux Commands for Raspberry Pi Projects

The Boolean Box Raspberry Pi runs on Linux one of the most popular operating systems on the planet. Learn some essential Linux commands makes the Pi much easier to work with as you tinker.
Aug 5 1 PM eastern.

In its review of the Boolean Box, USA Today says:

"It’s one thing to code a program on a computer; it is quite another thing to be able to affect (or see the effects of) that code in the real, non-digital world.“

“it is going to be mind-blowing to kids encountering that phenomenon for the first time."

USA Today