Ten Block Challenge


Create a project using only 10 blocks. You can choose the 10, but this is a suggested set. Use them once, twice, or multiple times, but use each block at least once.

In addition to the 10 blocks allowed, you may use as many variables, sensing blocks, and operator blocks.  

Use as many Sprites and Backgrounds as you want.

Save your Scratch project to the Boolean Girl 10 Block studio.

All projects must be submitted by noon Eastern time on Nov 10, 2020.

You may only submit one project! Before November 10, you can add as many projects to the studio as you like but on the 10th, you must only have one project for the judges to look at.

Questions? Have your parents email us at [email protected]


The judges will pick one first place project, one second place project and 25 honorable mention projects.

First Prize – A Boolean Girl hoodie plus and a $50 gift card

Second Prize – a Boolean Girl T-Shirt and a $25 gift card

Honorable Mention – a Boolean Girl T-Shirt


Judges are current and former Boolean Girl instructors, members of the Board of Advisors, and a few Ambassadors.

Winners will be notified by November 20th through the Ten Block Studio.