Boolean Girl Ambassadors

Boolean Girl Ambassadors are female STEM professionals who engage with girls participating in Boolean Girl events, classes, and camps.  Ambassadors inspire the girls by talking about career paths, education, and life skills.  They lead short seminars, volunteer at Boolean Girl events, and contribute to technical sessions. 

Friday, August 7 meet, Helen Lin from Booz Allen Hamilton 

Hello! My name is Helen and I recently graduated from UVA - wahoowa! In college, I studied computer science and studio art. I am currently waiting to start my full-time job as a software engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington D.C. Last summer, I interned at Booz Allen and had the opportunity to build a web application tool that determines if a part on a naval ship could be 3D printed. Some of my favorite pastime activities include making art, biking, and designing my island on animal crossing.

Helen was also a Boolean Girl instructor in 2018!

Friday, August 14 meet, Dr. Candice Johnson from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Dr. Candice Johnson was born in Pittsburgh, PA as a first-generation American to Jamaican parents. A consistent international travel itinerary during her childhood lead her to leave Pittsburgh not only for her scholastic endeavors but also for her appreciation of culture, variety, and inclusion.

Her admiration for biomedical sciences started as early as middle school and was supported by weekend workshops at Carnegie Mellon University. This continued through high school and upon entering The University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Candice spent each summer back in Pittsburgh conducting research at the Center for Genomic Sciences in Allegheny General Hospital.

Candice then attended graduate school at Meharry Medical College and obtained her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences with her research interests focused on host-pathogen interactions and vaccine development. After graduate school, she was invited to the US Food and Drug Administration for a postdoctoral fellowship in the Office of Vaccine Research and Review. This started her career as a federal government scientist at NIST as a visiting molecular and cell biologist in Biomolecular Measurement Division of NIST

Ambassador Recruitment

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Past Ambassador Events

Friday, July 10th at 11 am meet Boolean Girl Ambassador, Sonny Franckel a Google Engineer.

Sonny Franckel is a software engineering manager at Google. She leads a team that builds products for kids and parents in the Google Play Store. Her team most recently launched the Teacher Approved section on Google Play. All apps found in this section are rated highly by teachers and meet government regulations around data collection and advertising.
Currently living in San Francisco, Sonny previously worked in Baltimore, New York, Munich, Krakow, and San Jose on topics ranging from visualizations to robotics to AI. She has a BA in Computer Science from the University of Maryland (go Terps!). Sonny spends all her free time wrangling a 4-month Goldendoodle named Izzy, being outdoors, and building furniture.

Friday, July 17th meet materials engineer, Dr. Angela Leimkuhler Moran!

“I like to build stuff, but I also really like to figure out why things break," says Angela Leimkuhler Moran in describing her role as a Materials Engineering scientist at the U.S. Naval Academy where she conducts research to help assure that metals and other material that make up some the Navy’s most vital equipment can withstand the stress and demands of their use.

Her best memories as a kid growing up in Catonsville, MD, just outside of Baltimore, are of working with her dad (a civil engineer) “fixing things around the house, mixing concrete.”

Angela works to inspire kids to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. In addition to her busy schedule at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Angela also conducts intensive outreach programs at the academy in science and engineering for elementary, middle, and high school students. She created and directed the Naval Academy technology Camp for Girls.

Looking back on her life, Angela says it was her deep curiosity about the inner workings and construction of things, in addition to a love of math and science, that motivated her to pursue Materials Engineering, field which studies the properties and applications of a wide range of materials such as metals, plastics, carbons, ceramics, semiconductors, and polymers at the molecular and macroscopic levels.

Angela received her Ph.D. and M.S.E. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, and her B.S. degree in Physics and Engineering from Loyola College.

Friday, July 24 meet, Jill Stella from Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Ms. Stella works for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Data Center Quality Engineer (CDCAP).  The world's economies rely on complex, interlocking digital systems that break down easily. Companies like ZOOM, Netflix, Facebook, ESPN, Twitter  and Boolean Girl all run on AWS.  These systems are so new and evolve so quickly that there just aren’t enough data center engineers to go round. Join Boolean Girl this Friday to learn from Ms. Stella just how a Data Center Quality Engineer keeps the world running!

Friday, July 31 meet, Keilyn DiStefano from Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Keilyn grew up in Upstate NY loving math, science, and Star Trek Voyager. She joined the Army as a tank driver to get college money, where she quickly got bored before discovering her love for computers. She graduated from Mercer University three times, getting two Computer Engineering degrees and a Biology degree (genetics is like living code).

Keilyn switched over to doing the Army thing part time with the National Guard as a communications, network engineering, and cyber officer. She has gone overseas for the Army five times.

Keilyn has been a cloud software developer at Amazon Web Services for two years, and elsewhere for about ten years before that.

Keilyn was stuck as a boy most of her life, but she figured out how to fix it ten years ago and has been super happy since.