Girls and non-binary individuals learn to code and build electronics in a fun, collaborative setting. The Clubhouse meets for three hours on Saturdays from 9-12.


Children receive age and skill appropriate coding and electronics instruction, get hands-on time to develop their own creative projects and receive a lesson in “digital wellness” to promote responsible choices on computing devices.  When you register, choose a project area. Not sure which area, pick one and we will adjust as needed based on your students skills and interest.


Meetings are organized in blocks of four meetings.  Each meeting in a block builds on prior meetings. You can register for a single meeting or the whole block. Our high staff to student ratio means we can catch your daughter up if she misses a meeting.

Block 3: May 7, 14, 21, 28

Classic Games in Scratch

Over the four week period we will build several games chosen by the group. The collection of classic games includes classics like Pong, Breakout, Flappy Bird, and Ms. Pacman.  Beginners and Scratch Pros will build their skills in this series of fun Clubhouse meetings. We will review the basics and cover advanced concepts like loops, variables, and conditionals to build things like scorekeepers, timers, controlling the movement of sprites or whatever you need to bring your game to life.

Python Lab

Have you taken Python I or II with Boolean Girl or learned the basics of Python somewhere else? Continue to build your Python skills in these sessions. Each week we will take on new projects that will build you skills with functions, loops, variables, and conditionals to build games and apps.

Build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) App

Explore artificial intelligence by building a basic AI chatbot. In the process of building their projects, students will play with real AI tools, and identify the ways in which they are already interacting with AI. This quick dive in to AI will help you understand and demonstrate how computers mimic human intelligence by making “smart” decisions and understand how does it affect your everyday life. 

Clubhouse During COVID

Girls love our Clubhouse, because it’s a collaborative, welcoming place to get hands-on coding instruction and unleash your creativity. We are excited to reopen the club house in-person!

To stay safe the following rules apply:

1) We will check temperatures on arrival, please don’t come too clubhouse if you are not feeling well. We will gladly refund your fee.

2) You must be vaccinated.

3) We have large classrooms and we practice social distancing.

4) All participants will wear a mask.