Thank you for Supporting Boolean Girl!

When you donate to Boolean Girl, your gift helps us engage girls in grades three through eight with meaningful, hands-on programming instruction and sustained exposure to computer science and engineering. We create collaborative and welcoming environments designed to support and inspire the next generation of women in STEM as they learn to code, build, invent and animate.

Where do my donations go?

Student programs

The key program element of Boolean Girl is a progressive, age-appropriate, long-term learning path for our students. Central to our approach is early and consistent engagement.

In small class sizes facilitated by trained instructors, we provide progressively challenging sets of projects that bridge the middle school years. We know our content appeals to girls, because we’ve tested, refined, and improved it. We’ve taught hundreds of girls in camps and schools, and we’ve found a couple of broad themes: girls tend to like projects that have a story; they tend to gravitate toward collaborative work; and they tend to be less interested in skill-based video games like pong. Instead of the traditional computing environment in which girls are opting out, our girls opt in and crave more complex projects. Our goal is to prepare girls to start high school on equal footing with the boys, ready to join the high school coding classes.

Online learning

In addition to our live classes, we have also developed Boolean University – our free, self-paced, online classroom. Boolean University provides curriculum and project ideas to girls that can’t attend a class or camp and also supports girls who want to stay engaged once their class or camp has finished. Our projects begin with simple, prescriptive instructions and progress to complex physical computing and circuitry projects.

Events to inspire and raise awareness

We also introduce girls to the basics of programming through workshops and hour-of-code events sponsored by corporations, community organizations, and other entities. These events are an exciting way to jumpstart a girl’s interest in computer programming, but the events are just the beginning! Our goal with hour-of-code events, day long hack-a-thons, and workshops is to generate interest in launching a series of events or a local club so girls can experience continued exposure to coding.