Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts in the Nation's Capital Council

Boolean Girl is proud to be a Program Partner with the Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Council. Troops in the council can schedule the Boolean Girl team to virtually visit your troop meeting to run STEM projects and the Girl Scout Coding Badges.

In addition, girls can work on their own to earn these badges by taking an online class with Boolean Girl.

How it works

Fill out a request form for the date and time of interest. We work with you to schedule the meeting.  On the agreed-upon day, our instructors will show up and run all the activities related to the selected badge(s) and leave time for you to open and close the meeting on our Zoom link.

What We Do

At the meeting, we will complete coding projects that satisfy the requirements for each age/rank of the badge of interest.  With our help, girls get to put hands on keyboards and learn to code.

What's Required

A minimum of five girls and a place to meet with table and chairs.
Girls should have a computer and access to the internet.  They will need to able to join a Zoom meeting.  Tablets are not recommended for the coding activities.

Cost and Timeframe

It costs $35 per girl, with 90 minutes minimum/2 hours preferred.