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  • Get Started with Boolean Box

    2 Lessons in

    Power up your Boolean Box.  Begin by assembling your computer.  In just three steps you will be ready to start your first coding project.

  • Start Scratch Programming

    4 Lessons in

    A collection of introductory programming projects that get you started with the fundamentals of programming.

  • Create Animated Stories

    5 Lessons in

    In this set of projects you learn how to create animated stories.  Each project introduces new skills that you can use on your own story projects. 

  • Make Games with Scratch

    5 Lessons in

    Building games is a great way to learn to code. This course includes a variety of game projects to build your Scratch skills. Earn the Scratch Coder badge by completing this course.

  • Get Started with Physical Computing with Scratch

    5 Lessons in

    Interested in controlling lights and using switches to build stuff? Did you know you can use Scratch to interact with electrical circuits you build? Your Raspberry Pi has a row of GPIO pins in the long rectangular opening in the case. GPIO stands for General-Purpose Input/Output. You use these pins to connect programs you write […]

  • Classic Video Games

    4 Lessons in

    Go old school and recreate the classic video games of yesteryear in Scratch! In this course, you’ll build Frogger, Space Wars, BreakOut and Pac-Man.

  • A Celebration of Lights

    4 Lessons in

    A collection of Physical Computing projects where you use your programming skills and a little bit of simple circuit knowledge to light up your craft projects, your room, or a holiday decoration. Earn your Raspberry PI Creator Badge by completing these crafty projects.  

  • The next step: Building a Bridge from Scratch to Python

    3 Lessons in

    Are you ready for the next challenge? Cross the bridge from Scratch to Python. Learn how to code in one of the top professional text based coding language. Learn the basics then start modifying Minecraft.

  • Python Adventures in Minecraft: Modify your Minecraft world

    2 Lessons in

    Try your hand at creating mods in Minecraft using Python.

  • Minecraft Turtle

    1 Lessons in

    What does a turtle have to do with Minecraft?  A Turtle in computing is an on screen “robot” that is controlled by the user.  Play with the Minecraft Turtle to improve your Python Skills

  • Let's Build

    3 Lessons in

    Learn how to build structures with loops and functions.

  • Get Started with Physical Computing with Python

    4 Lessons in

    In this course you will learn Physical Computing, connecting your programs to the physical world to make lights blink or take input from sensors, using Python. This basic class repeats many of the projects you may have already done but focuses on Python coding.