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Boolean University

Boolean University is an online classroom where you learn at your pace. Interested in coding? Not sure where to start? Whether you're experienced, brand-new, or somewhere in between, you'll find a learning path that's right for you. Select your course, and we'll guide you through the lessons. Each lesson has detailed instructions for completing a particular project. Once you complete a project, your achievement will be recorded. Complete all the lessons in a course to earn a badge.

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About Boolean University

Boolean U is a self-paced classroom. From beginner to advanced, Boolean U provides an educational journey where each new skill builds on the last. We start with basic coding projects that require no experience at all. Then we dive into the more sophisticated concepts of computer science. In addition to advanced coding, we also teach courses in electronics so kids learn the ins and outs of hardware and software.
Students can complete all the lessons in a course to earn a badge, encouraging them to set goals and track their success. Badges earned through Boolean U are part of the Open Badges initiative, allowing kids to share their achievements on social networks and when applying to schools or other programs.

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