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Coding Classes for Kids

STEM Clubhouses for Grades 3-8

Explore coding and engineering while making new friends and having fun! At Boolean Girl Clubhouses, girls and other underrepresented youth learn to code and build electronics in a fun, creative setting. Students receive hands-on instructions across a wide range of STEM topics including coding, robotics, AI, engineering, teamwork, and digital citizenship. With our collaborative, real-world approach to learning, students develop their own creative projects, work with peers, and learn from mentors while discovering and building their interest in STEM.

At Clubhouse, we teach a variety of coding and engineering lessons using established, free tools like Scratch and Python so kids can continue to code on their own at no additional cost. Our goal is to enable these young learners to continue to pursue their interest in STEM beyond school and even Clubhouse.  

All levels of skill and experience are welcome. Coding and electronics instructions are age and skill appropriate. All students also receive lessons in “digital wellness” to promote responsible choices on computing devices. 

We offer weekend Clubhouses in Arlington, Virginia, and Montgomery County, Maryland. We also coordinate with teachers and administrators to sponsor after-school Clubhouses at school districts throughout Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Montgomery County.

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Boolean Girl STEM Clubhouses

Saturday Morning Clubhouse

  • Saturdays are for STEM fun with Boolean Girl Clubhouse! We offer Saturday sessions during the school year in Arlington, Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland. Saturday Clubhouses meet from 9am to 12pm. 
  • If you are new to Boolean Girl, Clubhouse is a great way to get to know us and decide if a summer camp with Boolean Girl is a good option. At the Arlington Clubhouse you can always try the first week for free then decide to sign up for additional weeks. To get the free session, choose the Free Trial Offer option at checkout and click register.

After-School Clubhouse

Teachers and administrators run school-hosted and Boolean Girl-sponsored STEM Clubhouses. These after-school programs are designed to bring additional STEM education to students who want more than what they are getting from current course curriculum. 

We know how busy teachers are. At the elementary school level, computer science is not typically a core subject, and thus not a subject of expertise for many. That’s where Boolean Girl comes in. We provide training and curriculum for teachers and educators running after-school Clubhouses to ensure they are fully equipped and ready to go.

Sponsor a Clubhouse

ALL Boolean Girl Clubhouses are provided free-of-charge to those who cannot afford to pay. We could not provide these resources for children without the support of community partners. Learn how your organization can sponsor a local Clubhouse here.

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What Parents & Students Have to Say

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“The children's information session was both enjoyable and educational! The content was presented in a clear and engaging manner, helping kids grasp ideas more effectively. Thanks for this wonderful educational opportunity."

Karam J


“My daughter loved the class and would love to go back.”

Daria T

Girls learning at Barcroft

“I love that in 1 short hour my daughter learned the basics and her knowledge prior to that was zero.”

Mirjana D

Girl at computer

“It is interactive, fun, and the perfect way to introduce coding to the kids. The instructor was great with the students, and my daughter learned so much.”

Julie H

clubhouse group shot at marymount

“I loved how everyone was helpful and kind…everything was amazing, I am looking forward to my next class.”

Fiorella D