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Who We Are

We are parents and engineers, educators and nonprofit leaders. We founded Boolean Girl to encourage and inspire girls who are often underserved when it comes to teaching STEM. At a young age, girls receive fewer opportunities to learn subjects like coding and engineering, so we focus on ages eight to 14. While there are tech programs for girls over 14, there are few that cultivate early and sustained interest in coding and engineering. That’s where we come in.

We have also expanded our reach into underserved and lower-income communities to provide access to STEM opportunities for elementary and middle-school age children.

What We Do

We offer in-person and virtual computer science education for girls and other underrepresented youth in a collaborative and welcoming environment. By combining our award-winning educational programs with our speaker series and partnerships with our generous supporters, our students learn coding and engineering skills to prepare them for a broad set of careers, but they are too busy having fun to notice.


We're hiring!

Do you want a meaningful part time job, one that will have a positive impact on elementary school aged students? Come work for us! We are currently hiring for Summer Camp instructors and an Onsite coordinator. Positions are available in Arlington, Virginia, Alexandria, Virginia, and Montgomery County Maryland.

We hire college students, teachers and other professionals.

Current openings:



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