Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Boolean Girl Camps so special?

– It’s not just coding. We also teach circuit building, engineering and design, as well as broader skills like teamwork and digital citizenship. STEM professionals talk to our students to provide inspiration and guidance about future careers.

– We play a lot. Kids learn coding through interactive, offline games. And bring your sunscreen, because when we break, we go outside to play.

– Yes, we have fun at our camps, but our curriculum is designed around state and national standards for computer science. We follow both the “The Computer Science Standards of Learning For Virginia Public Schools” and the “Computer Science Teachers Association for K-12 Computer Science Standards.”

Refunds, cancellations, COVID

Q.Tell me more about the COVID policy.

We are fully prepared to comply with the guidelines from the CDC and local authorities concerning safety measures related to COVID. We keep our class sizes small (10-16 kids), so ensuring social distancing will be easy.

If the camps are canceled due to COVID, you will receive a full refund and be given the option to enroll in an online camp that week or a different week. We guarantee space for you in the online camps. Know that online camps are small, no more than 6 girls.

We understand these times are very difficult. You can register for camp (or change your mind and cancel) up until May 31 without penalty. In this case, all of your tuition will be refunded, and we will not charge fees or assess penalties, because we are a community-based nonprofit, and we want our students and families to feel as comfortable as possible.

We do need to plan our staffing and make commitments to our instructors to provide them jobs. If you need to cancel after May 31 you can reschedule to a different date without any fees or penalties based on space availability. You can also transfer your registration to a family member or friend. Payments, less the non-refundable $50 deposit, are refundable up to 2 weeks before the start of camp.

You can also switch from an in-person to an online camp up until one week before. (We need one week’s notice to manage our staffing needs.) Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Q.How do refunds work, my plans changed.

You can see all our policies including refunds here. The exception is the COVID policy described above.

Camp Planning

Q.What do we need to bring, do we have to provide a laptop?

We provide all the equipment and materials.  You should bring a lunch and snack each day, sunscreen, and a water bottle.  Some girls also bring small craft projects or books to read, especially for after-care.  

Q.Can my child attend only one day of before or after care?

Yes, we do allow you to sign up for only one day of before or aftercare.  You can add it from the website.  You can also pay via check but we would prefer that you do it on the web.  If you do this during the class please make sure the instructors know. 

Q.What Time should we arrive?

We start each day at 9 AM.  Arriving a few minutes early is ok.  If you are late you might miss something but don’t worry, we will catch you up.

Our instructors

Q.Who are the instructors?

We hire female college students pursuing STEM degrees from top universities.  These women are usually from the area and are great role models and mentors to the girls.  They may have gone to the same high school your daughter will attend.  They frequently share their STEM experiences in middle school and high school and how they decided to pursue STEM in college. 

Q.Do you hire former students?

We love hiring Boolean Girls.  We have paid and unpaid opportunities for high school students to work as Counselors in Training (CITs).  Apply on the website:

You need to be 18 to work as a counselor but counselors in training just need to be in high school .

Q.Can my daughter get a job?

We hire college students majoring in STEM fields.  If you are majoring in STEM or education, please apply on the website:

We have paid and unpaid opportunities for high school students to work as Counselors in Training (CITs).  Apply on the same webpage. 

You need to be 18 to work as a counselor but counselors in training just need to be in high school .

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