Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Boolean Girl Camps so special?

– It’s not just coding. We also teach circuit building, engineering and design, as well as broader skills like teamwork and digital citizenship. STEM professionals talk to our students to provide inspiration and guidance about future careers.

– We play a lot. Kids learn coding through interactive, offline games. And bring your sunscreen, because when we break, we go outside to play.

– Yes, we have fun at our camps, but our curriculum is designed around state and national standards for computer science. We follow both the “The Computer Science Standards of Learning For Virginia Public Schools” and the “Computer Science Teachers Association for K-12 Computer Science Standards.”

What’s a typical day like at Boolean Girl’s Summer Camp?

A typical day begins with parents checking in their children. Once everyone is checked in, we’ll have a brief welcome and then our first session of the day starts. We will take breaks to eat snacks and play. At noon we have lunch and free time. All children must bring their own nut-free lunch. At 3:00 children not staying for aftercare are dismissed to their parents or designated pick up person.

Daily Schedule (Note, times are estimated. Different camps may break at different times)



Optional Before Care, 8-9 am
9-9:15  Welcome
9:15-10:30 – Instruction
10:30-10:45 – Break
10:45 – Noon – Instruction


12:30-1:45 pm Instruction
1:45-2pm: Break
2pm-3:00 pm Instruction
Optional After Care 3:00 to 6:00 pm


It is optional for campers and instructors to wear a mask, based on current Arlington Recreation and CDC guidelines.
All students will only use their own Boolean Girl provided equipment. (No equipment sharing between students.)
All instructors and support staff are vaccinated.
We will practice social distancing. We have spacious classrooms and small camps which will allow campers to spread out.
We will have lunch outside when it’s not raining. If it’s raining, the kids will be spaced apart.
We will take hand washing and mask breaks outside. We will have extra masks on hand as well as in-class hand sanitizer.
All equipment will be sanitized at the end of the day.

Camp Planning

Are boy welcome at summer camp?

While many of our events are just for girls, summer camps are open to everyone. We opened our camps to boys due to a lack of affordable STEM camps after the pandemic. Unlike other STEM camps, there will be more girls in the camps than boys but it is unlikely that your son will be the only boy in camp.

What do we need to provide?

We provide all the equipment and materials. You should bring a lunch and snack each day, sunscreen, and a water bottle. Some campers also bring small craft projects or books to read, especially for after-care.

Before and After Care

If you did not sign up for before or after you can always add it. We do allow you to sign up for only one day of before or aftercare. Contact us and we can add it to the website or you can also pay via check but we would prefer that you do it on the web. If you do this during the class please make sure the instructors know.

Who teaches camp?

All of our instructors are young, college-age, future STEM professionals. They have all had background checks and are First Aid/CPR certified. We also have Counselors in Training, these are high school students who are there to help and learn.

What is your student:instructor ratio? How big are your camps?

Our student:instructor ratio is 8:1 or smaller. Our camps are typically 15 students or smaller.

How do you divide campers into groups?

We do our best to group children by interest, ability and age. We want your children to have fun and be comfortable in their groups. We will make changes as necessary.

Do you offer before or after care?


Optional Before Care: 8-9 am
Optional After Care: 3:00 to 6:00 pm
If you did not add these options when you registered, you can still add them.

Does Boolean Girl provide food?

Campers need to bring their own snacks and lunch. Boolean Girl does not provide food. Please be sure your child’s snack and lunch is nut free! If your child forgets their lunch, we will call you. On Fridays, we will serve pizza so please pre-register for that on the first day of camp, and bring $5 for the cost of pizza on Tuesday or Wednesday that week of camp.

What is your refund policy?

We know that the pandemic has made it difficult for families to make firm plans and believe that flexibility will be important this summer. With this in mind, camp tuition is refundable or you can apply it to a different week of camp or to one of our online camps.  Official policy is here.


In case of an emergency, please email [email protected]. Parents and guardians will be contacted immediately by our summer camp director, Robyn Ratzan. Her number is (571) 358-7058 and email is [email protected]. We will also call 911 when appropriate.

What are your dismissal procedures?

Campers will only be dismissed to the responsible adults named on their registration forms. Please let us know of any custody concerns. Parents who wish to have their children walk or bicycle home from camp must submit a written permission email or letter.

Are campers allowed to bring and use gaming devices?

Because of the distraction and disruption caused by these devices, we ask that campers do not bring tablets or gaming devices to camp at all.

What’s your cell phone policy?

Campers may bring cell phones, but the cell phones must remain on silent in the camper’s backpack. In order to avoid interruptions, we ask that if a parent needs to contact a child, they call the instructors or staff members whose cell phone numbers are listed on your welcome to camp letter.

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