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Have Fun While Learning to Code, Build, Invent and Animate

Our approach to learning STEM is fun and effective, and we’ve used it to teach thousands of girls (and boys).
Each course is offered in multiple modes to best meet your needs: 1) online with an instructor, 2) as a self paced course, 3) in person in certain areas of the country and 4) at our summer camps.
The courses are progressive, each building on the prior course. Typically they should be taken starting with the first course as each course assumes that students understand the concepts in prior courses.

Courses below are available during winter break 2022.

Summer Camps are on the Summer Camp Page


Animate My Story in Scratch

Level: 1

Language: Scratch

Grades: 3-6

Have fun while learning to code! In this introductory Scratch course, we use creative play and games to teach the basics of coding …Read More

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Getting Started In Python (Python 1)

Level: 5

Language: Python

Grades: 5-8

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world – it is used by many well-known tech companies including Wikipedia, …Read More

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Explore Artificial Intelligence Using Scratch!

Level: 7

Language: Scratch

Grades: 5-8

What makes a computer truly intelligent? How does a machine learn? In this course, coders will follow dive into an important and influential subset of AI called machine learning…..Read More

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