Middle School Summer Camps

Boolean Girl Summer Camps for Middle Schoolers

For middle schoolers (grades 6-8) there coding camps in Python, Web Development and Artificial Intelligence.

If your camper is in middle school and has never coded she can start with any of the camps, except Python 2.

If you camper is an experienced coder in 5th grade, she can join these camps!

Python 1- Turtle Art

Introductory classes can be boring with campers spending lots of time writing short pieces of code that produce statements such “Hello World.” At Boolean Girl Camps, the campers dive right in and on the very first day use Python to create art.Read More

Python 2 – Code Your Own Adventure

If you’ve completed an Introduction to Python with Boolean Girl, you are ready to apply your current skills and learn new skills Read More

Web Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Unleash creativity with our NEW Web Development course! Dive into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build web pages of your own design. Read More

Create an Artificial Intelligence App

ChatGPT, Robots! Self-driving cars! What is artificial intelligence and how does it affect your everyday life?Read More

Coding Camps for Middle Schoolers (Grades 6-8)