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After-school programs in which girls learn to code and build engineering projects

Boolean Girl’s mission is to inspire girls to code, build, invent and animate, preparing girls everywhere to explore computer programming and engineering. Our approach is fun and effective, and we’ve used it to teach thousands of girls.

There are two components to managing a club: teaching and facilitating. Teaching is everything that happens in the classroom where coding instruction occurs. Facilitating is everything that must happen outside the classroom in order for the club to launch and sustain itself.

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Boolean Girl helps club leaders learn to teach the class. Because we want teachers to focus on leading the class, we take care of all the administrative aspects. Teachers do not have to find computers, set up a club website, or do anything but learn how to code and teach. We manage and provide:

  • A curriculum and detailed, age-appropriate lesson plans
  • On-call support
  • Registration pages for your club each semester
  • Fee collection
  • Other learning tools

Because we want teachers to focus on leading the class, we, working with the club facilitator, take care of all the administration. Teachers don’t have to find computers or do anything but learn how to code and teach. In addition, Boolean Girl provides 70% of any fee collected as stipend each semester to the teacher / facilitator.


To make the program successful, we need a parent or teacher to serve as a club facilitator. The facilitator acts as a single point of contact and helps with coordination outside the classroom by communicating with the PTA/PTO, school administrators, or the manager of the facility to coordinate securing a room. The facilitator also helps to recruit girls into the club and announces events. The time commitment is typically less than one hour per week. Specific responsibilities:

  • Act as a single point of contact between Boolean Girl and the instructor
  • Help inform the school community about the program and act as a liaison to the school and PTA
  • Recruit and direct girls to the club registration page

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How Can I Be Successful?

No prior technical expertise is required to implement our curriculum. Boolean Girl will provide instruction to teachers, and we’ve learned that people with no background in computers do learn to teach our classes and do so with great success.

Clubs require a minimum of four girls and usually meet once per week for ten weeks. Clubs typically start in September or October and again in January or February of each calendar year. Boolean Girl handles the registration of the students online at Our club curriculum progresses each semester from basic to advanced, so girls can participate in a club semester after semester over multiple years. Once approved, we will run background checks on teachers and facilitators before a club starts.

Want to Start a Second Club?

We want to encourage and engage as many girls as possible. To make that happen, we encourage teachers and facilitators to organize more clubs and to spread the word. If you facilitate a second club, we provide an additional $100. A teacher who facilitates a second cub receives an additional $250 for the second club. 

Can’t run a second club? Tell a friend about Boolean Girl. If a friend starts a second club, we provide a $50 for the referral.

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