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Clubs can be hosted in schools, libraries, community centers, faith-based organizations, or nonprofits.

They are led by our trained instructors. Our instructors are university students, teachers or other community members who are trained and qualified to lead a programming or engineering class.

Each organization provides a liaison.  The liaison can be a teacher, parent or other community volunteer. Liaisons do not need engineering or programming expertise; though we welcome them to dive in and learn alongside their Boolean Girls.

What You Provide
  • Space – a regular space to accommodate all members of the club, such as a classroom, library, or meeting room.
  • A volunteer liaison for the club.  
  • A place to store the programming equipment between meetings of the club.




What We Provide
  • A Boolean Box for each club member. What is a Boolean Box? A build-it-yourself computer and engineering kit. Kids can open the kit, assemble their computer, and get started coding. Learn More
  • A trained, qualified instructor.
  • On-line Registration and fee collection. 
  • Curriculum and other learning tools.
  • News and invitations to special events in your area.

What is expected of the Club Liaison?

To make the program successful, we need a parent or teacher to volunteer as a club liaison. The liaison acts as a single point of contact and helps with coordination outside the classroom by communicating with the PTA/PTO and school administrators to coordinate securing a room, recruiting girls into the club and announcing events.  The time commitment is typically less than one hour per week.

Specific responsibilities

  • Act as a single point of contact for Boolean Girl and the instructor.
  • Help inform the school community about the program and act as a liaison to the school and PTA.
  • Recruit and direct girls to the registration page for the club.

This is also a great opportunity for a teacher that wants to improve their STEM skills. The liaison is welcome to participate in the club.  If you want to participate in the weekly club meetings, we provide training and curriculum.  Teachers that participate are welcome to use the course materials in their own classrooms.  

Boolean Girl Instructors

Boolean Girl instructors work with the coach to make the club work. Instructors are responsible for leading the educational portions of the clubs

A typical Boolean Girl instructor is:

  • A College Student
  • Majoring in Engineering, Computer Science, or Education
  • Is passionate about girls in STEM, diversity, and technology
  • Trained by Boolean Girl
  • Paid for her work

Becoming an instructor is a great way to make a little money, gain real work experience, and have a real impact on diversifying the industries of the future.

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