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Summer Camp Information

Summer camps are offered in Arlington, Montgomery, and Fairfax counties.  All camps are a week long.  Registration for Arlington camps are completed on the Boolean Girl Website.  Registration for the Montgomery and Fairfax camps must be completed by following the link to the county websites.  

Before and after care:  In Arlington and Montgomery counties, Boolean Girl provides before and after care for full day camps and after care for the half day tennis camps. When you register for these camps, select the tickets for before and after camp care if needed.   For the camps in Fairfax, run by Fairfax Parks and Rec.,  register for before and after care with the county. 

Camp Options: For 2019 we are offering 5 different camps described below along with age range recommendations.  If you have questions or are just not sure, send us a note or give us a call (202.996.8241) and we will try to guide you to the appropriate camp.

Tips on finding a camp: The links below will take you to location specific pages for camps in the different counties.  If you know which camp you want, click on the camp description below and that will take you to a page listing all the weeks that camp is offered.


NEW FOR 2019

For girls with little to no experience with computers, this class is designed to teach them the skills required for basic computer use. They will be taught basic elements of running a computer such as using a mouse and keyboard, saving programs, and shutting down a computer. In this course, the girls will also be introduced to programming in Scratch, a simple block-based programming language. After learning basic coding concepts, kids will create their own interactive programs and stories, allowing them to transition from computer users to creators.

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Best for girls who have completed first grade


Want to have fun while learning to code? Imagine, act & code! We use creative play and games to teach the basics of coding. Girls will imagine an activity... they’ll act it out... and then they’ll code it. Using Scratch (programming language), our curriculum engages students and transforms them from computer users to creators by designing animated characters, games, and interactive stories. From beginners to students with prior coding experience, we teach the way kids learn best: through play, collaboration and imagination. Boolean Girl inspires girls to build, code, invent, and animate, preparing girls everywhere to explore computer programming and engineering.

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Completed Grades: 2 - 4


For girls who are familiar with the basics of coding, this course takes the fun to the next level, introducing advanced coding concepts, electrical engineering, and program design. Girls build animations and games, all while learning complex concepts like sequencing, troubleshooting, critical thinking, and conditional logic.  

Next, we tackle gadgets. After a brief intro to electrical engineering, girls will design hands-on projects using buttons, lights, and wires to bring their ideas to life.  

Finally, girls learn basic program design. Each girl is challenged to imagine, design, and create her own ideas, tell the story behind her programs, and create them with her newly-learned skills. This class can be repeated as the challenges and projects change each session.  

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Completed Grades: 4 - 7


NEW FOR 2019

Learn how to teleport, change blocks, freeze water, and build a game inside the Minecraft universe.  Working with a Raspberry Pi computer and a special version of Minecraft designed to run on the Pi, girls will learn Python, a language originally developed to teach kids to code now used by companies including Instagram and Facebook. Python is also one of the first languages taught in high school programming classes.  

Each class challenges students with more complex concepts and exercises as they progress. Using Minecraft Pi is a great way to transition from Scratch to a programming language used by professional programmers and taught in most high school programming classes.

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Completed Grades: 5- 7


NEW FOR 2019

So, you know how to code in Scratch (or another block-based language) or Python? It’s time to connect your code to gadgets! Girls will see and experience the power of using code to control objects in the real world. In this hands-on camp, students will design projects using buttons, lights, wires, and sound. Merging basic knowledge of electricity and their coding skills, girls will build gadgets of their own design, including computer-controlled light shows, motion sensors, game controllers, and skill challenges.

Camp includes a brief review of Scratch and an introduction to electrical circuits before we start building.

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Best for girls in Grades: 5 - 7

Half Day Programming Camp + Tennis Camp

This special half day afternoon camp is designed to be paired with the FirstServe Tennis morning camp.  Campers can choose both camps (register independently) to make it a full day and staff from the camps will transition the children from tennis to the computer class each day.

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